Monday, September 26, 2011

What I Hear Walking Thru The 1 Train

Almost every morning, every night and sometimes in between  I find myself on this train. I get on the last car and walk through the cars until I find a spot. It all depends on the day for me. Whats my destination?

This particular day I need to get to school, so I travel from the last car to the first car listening to the sounds, paying strict attention to the keynotes, sound signals and soundmarks as I go. I am really happy today because the air conditioning is on and it is certainly a background sound. This background sound blends with the faint knocking sound of the wheels making contact with the track.
The sound signals I hear while I walk though each car are the "bing-bong" of the close door signal.
The break makes a whistling sound as the train comes to a stop and the hiss of the break in short bursts at different times.
Peoples voices are heard as they talk to one another and sighs come through by the commuters in the morning.  The voices do not resinate through the cars. Sound doesn't really travel in subway cars. 
The motors low sound of acceleration could be described as another whistle just deeper than the slow down.
The conductor speaking through the loud speaker is not loud enough, which is typical for these trains and is perfect for those that are either hung over or just want to relax before they delve into their busy day. She has just said,"stand clear of the closing doors."Now the train doors close and the "bin-bong" sound is kinda on the loud sound.Throughout time I have slowly tuned this sound out. Not today....  


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